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Vender Application

Any applications completed at this date will require FULL PAYMENT at the time of completion. You will receive a follow-up email with payment instructions. All information must be completed for the application to be accepted for consideration. 

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Will you be supplying your own comercal-grade tent or renting one.
Upload File
Have you been a vendor with us before?

I hereby state that the above information is factual and truthful and hereby grant Clarissa Street Legacy permission to verify this information. Any information found to be fraudulent or deliberately misleading shall be grounds for dismissal of the applicant from consideration.  

Thanks for registering for The Clarissa Street Reunion.

The Selection Process is May 2023

We look forward to working with you.  At this time please call

(585) 454-9354 for a quicker response to the application.  July 31st is the last day for submission!

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