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Formerly KNOWN as Clarissa Street Reunion Committee

Who We Are

 The Clarissa Street Legacy holds an annual Reunion that takes place in one of the most culturally rich neighborhoods of Rochester. The event celebrates a neighborhood known for producing renowned jazz musicians in the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's. Clarissa Street, which is located in the southwest quadrant of Rochester and the old 3rd Ward, was a true melting pot which brought together people of Black, Italian, Irish, and Jewish descent. Streets were made of cobblestone and trolley cars were a familiar sight. The Clarissa Street Reunion, held annually since 1996, is a wonderful celebration of the memories and the relationships that were formed in the neighborhood. 

Our Mission is to Celebrate, educate, honor and perpetuate the historical heritage and multicultural diversity of Clarissa Street in Rochester, New York.

Our Mission

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Clarissa Street Reunion  

 25th Annual Clarissa Street Reunion 

August 19th 2023 | 10am-8pm


Clarissa Uprooted Showing 

To Be Announced

Contact Us

Clarissa Street, Rochester NY 14608


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