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 On behalf of the Clarissa Street Legacy (formerly known as the Clarissa Street Reunion Committee), we are excited to invite you to join us as a sponsor!  The Legacy includes:

-Clarissa Street Reunion,

-Annual scholarships

-Clarissa Uprooted Exhibit


-And Much More

 The Clarissa Street Reunion is one of Rochester's most cherished and well-attended African American cultural events. Annually, thousands of attendees walk the remaining four blocks of Clarissa St. with multiple stages featuring Jazz, Blues, R&B, and Gospel music, multicultural artists, food, and other vendors. 
From the first gathering in 1996, the reunions have become annual tributes to the strong sense of community that defined the Clarissa Street neighborhood. Many former residents return each year from near and far to reconnect with friends and family. At the same time, the wider Rochester community joins in to experience a uniquely welcoming vibe, soul-nourishing food, and musical offerings. 
Clarissa Street Legacy is committed to reshaping Rochester's narrative by celebrating and sharing the history of our thriving predominantly African American Clarissa St. community.  Your support will not only make the Annual Clarissa Street event possible but your support will also assist in sustaining the legacy through the following initiatives;

  •  Scholarships to provide resources to African American students   to obtain higher education,

  •  Walking Tours to highlight the historical landmarks of Clarissa  Street

  •  Murals to commemorate the rich history of the 3rd Ward,


Katherine Dexter                        George Fontenette

Finance Co-Chair                       Finance Co-Chair


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